Jun 22, 2007

rearset's interview! at bloginterviewer.com

Yesterday, I got a email from mike at bloginterviewer.com. Out of curiosity and of course, knowing that it will add to my online presence, I clicked and filled out an interview form. You can see the results here. There appears to be a way to vote for me. So don't miss out on that, please. Or else I will have to ask you that dreaded question: 'Vote is this?'

It has been about an hour since this post, and look, I'm the top rated blog! Wow. Thanks to all of you. My fifteen minutes seem to be enduring... I also noticed that the categories, motorcycles and India have both been started with this blog. I'll take that as a compliment. I'm the king of the world!

Oh, and whoever suggested my blog to bloginterviewer.com, thanks!


first_synn said...

Voted, and commented. Check it out.. :-D

Anonymous said...


don't you get tired of sucking up to him all the time??

first_synn said...


At least i have a name and identity. What do you have to show to back up your lack of family jewels, my friend?

Make a better blog and i will vote for you too. Wait, i already have an idea who you may be.... ;-)

Anonymous said...

the mere fact that my comment appeared means he is in agreement with me......and as for you, you'r still doin it...so i guess it comes naturally to you.....and no son, you don't have the slightest idea.....lol

rearset said...

Cut it out. Both of you.