Jun 27, 2007

Finally! Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi launched!

Here it is, Bajaj finally launched the Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi officially in Delhi on June 25. Below is the full press release. Scroll down further for the other press release from the same event, or use the related links for more posts...

Rajeev Bajaj astride the new 220 DTS-Fi PulsarBAJAJ AUTO LAUNCHES THE EXCITING NEW 220 CC PULSAR DTS-FI

Mumbai, June 25 2007: Bajaj Auto, the pioneer in performance biking has further extended the portfolio with the launch of the new 220 cc ‘Pulsar’ DTS-Fi in Delhi today. The new Pulsar DTS-Fi (Digital Twin Spark-Fuel injected) is the first bike from Bajaj Auto with the powerful combination of twin spark plugs and fuel-injection technology and is an ultimate machine for the performance motorcycle enthusiast. The latest offering has set new benchmarks in technology, performance, and styling to address the needs of a growing segment of pro-bikers.

The biggest feature is the fuel injection, which gives the bike that linear power curve, crisp feel and instant throttle response so essential for a power bike. Besides the mesmerizing looks, the motorcycle boasts a highly refined low noise, no vibes 220cc motor that gives a heady 20 BHP & 1.95 kgm of torque. The bike also comes equipped with an Oil cooler, which helps maintain Lube oil viscosity under extreme conditions of stress and ambient temperatures. Helps in cooling the engine internals. The bike will only be available in first-of-its-kind chain of 'Probiking' showrooms. Designed for biking enthusiasts, the showroom offers prospective "probikers" a chance to test-ride the bikes on a specially designed Indoor dynamometer

It’s also features both front and rear tubeless tyres, which besides offering superior stability are safer than conventional tube types and in sync with the offerings abroad for similar applications. The rear tyre is the broadest in its category to ensure better road grip and stability.

The new digital console is an advanced version of the latest Pulsar family. Apart from the Digital Odometer, Digital Speedo Meter, Digital Fuel Gauge and two Digital Trip Meters, the console on the 220 cc Pulsar DTS-Fi has indicators for Air filter condition, Engine temperature, Battery voltage and Oil level, all of which contribute to enhancing rider info for trouble-free riding.

Another is the use of split seats for styling and comfort. The split grab rail perfectly compliments the new rear chiseled looks. It is equipped with an electric start as the sole means of engine cranking, dispensing with the kick lever.

Mr. Amit Nandi, General Manager (Marketing), Bajaj Auto Ltd said, “The Bajaj Pulsar 200 DTS-i took biking to a new level, and the new Pulsar DTS-Fi is all set to take it to even greater heights. With the launch of Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi, we have created a new technological benchmark for the bikes in performance category. The bike joins the immensely popular Pulsar family, which is now available in four stylish versions across a range of price and performance points.”

He added, “We are continuously enhancing our product offerings to premium segment and this launch of Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi would further reinforce our focus of offering outstanding technology and performance to pro-bikers.”

The bike would be available at exclusive Probiking showrooms at select locations across the country. Performance biking now also comes at an attractive price of Rs.81280/- ex showroom, New Delhi.

Rajeev Bajaj inaugurated the Bajaj Pro-Biking Showroom in DelhiMore about Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi

The Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi’s is supported with some of these technologically advanced features.

  • Fuel injection technology for best in class fuel economy, with low variability and least tail pipe emissions.
  • A lowered Headlamp/Fairing assembly alongwith a high tail-end, gives the bike an aggressive, ready to pounce stance.
  • An all Stainless Steel exhaust with a Aluminium clad canister for genuine sporty looks and long life.
  • Large 37 mm Front forks for class leading vehicle dynamics.
  • Large 260 mm front disc for strong and predictable stopping power.
  • Large 230 mm rear disc brake, enhancing braking performance and control.
  • A unique Auto filament Switchover feature comes into play incase one of the two Headlamp filaments stops functioning. The headlamp switches over to the other working filament.
  • A unique Battery Energy Conserving feature which regulates the no of continuous cranks.
  • Sleek, Twin row, Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for the tail and brake lamp requiring “Zero Maintenance”.
  • Backlit, Non-Contact type, Soft-touch Handlebar Switches.
  • Self-canceling Indicators that switch off when the turn has been completed and the handlebar comes to a ‘straight ahead’ position with a pre-set automatic switch off function, even if the turn has not been undertaken.
  • Smooth, positive, virtually friction-free gearshift feel with new shifter assembly, an integrated over-shift preventor, and shift forks with rollers mated to a change drum.
  • A Low Maintenance Battery with a unique venting valve, drastically reducing the need for frequent electrolyte topping-up.
  • High capacity ‘O’ ring Drive chain for smooth operation and long life in harsh operating conditions. Along with a small plastic top chain cover makes for clean uncluttered looks, commensurate with the bikes image.
  • Rear end equipped with Nitrox shock absorbers employing optimized spring and damper characteristics, for all riding conditions.
Technical Specifications

EngineType4-stroke, DTS-Fi, Air and Oil cooled

Displacement220 cc

Max Power20 Ps/14.72 kW

Max Torque1.95kgm / 19.12 Nm

SuspensionFrontTelescopic forks 130 mm stroke

RearTriple rate spring, 5 way adjustable, gas charged NitroX shock absorbers

BrakesFront260mm hydraulically operated disc brake

Rear230 mm hydraulically operated disc brake
TyresFront90/90 x 17” Tubeless tyre, shod on aluminium alloy wheels

Rear120/80 x 17” Tubeless tyre, shod on aluminium alloy wheels
Fuel TankFull15 Lts
ElectricalsSystem12V DC

Headlamp55/55W, Projector and Parabolic type with 2 pilot lamps
DimensionsWheelbase1350 mm

Weight150 Kg

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aryan said...

dont u think that pulsar has lost its charm? i mean, anywhere and everywhere there is a pulsar. be it 15o cc or 180 cc... whats the diff? i am not disputing that the bike is great in looks and performance, but isnt it high time that the bajaj guys come with with a new 150 cc model?

rearset said...

I agree. The amount of stuff common between the four Pulsars does rob their bikes of some value. I don't completely understand the strategy, but it's Bajaj's game to play. If I were them, I'm not sure I'd let bikes, admittedly within the same family, be that close in spec to each other.

aryan said...

hmmm! on the other hand they tvs keeps coming up nes variants and developing new models and launching at regular intervals.
i have feeling that bajaj guys have become complacent after that splendid success they had with pulsar.
i still love the old cbz 150 cc though! lol!

aryan said...

i am sorry, i am new to blogging and stuff. i love to ink my thoughts and not type. so i have bad typo. i apologize for bad grammar and spelling mistakes.

Hafeez said...

I've seen so much of the bike (at least in pics and the parts sharing on other pulsars) that I've quite frankly have had enough. It looks old now. Damn!

Would I buy one? No thanks. My cheque is reserved for a multi-cylinder bike. Preferably 4. Or an inline twin. Or a V3. Or a V4. Or how about a twin cylinder super scoot? :D

Ok ok...it's 7:30 in the morning and i've been up all night working hence the crazy thoughts. Or is it our Great Bike Manufacturers (Insert hushed reverence/silence) that have made me crazy with lack of choice? I want a bike to ride. Not commute. Thats what the company cab is for :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

It has almost been a month since probiking showroom opened in New Delhi. I have been visiting these guys regularly every week to book my Pulsar 220CC and they just keep on postponing the dates. At first the story was that booking for the second lot will start from 10-July-2007 or 15-July-2007.
Then they came up with the story that bikes from the second lot has already been booked and now you have to wait for the third lot, which will be coming around end of July or First week of August. They also told me that we have called in the guys who have registered with us and offered them a chance to book. Now this was news for me as on my earlier visit, nobody explained to me that you have to register (get a quotation) and then only you have a chance of registering the bikes.
Does anyone has any different experience with Probiking New Delhi? Does anyone actually mange to buy the Pulsar 220cc in New Delhi from the probiking?
I have started to become a bit skeptical now. Could it be that 220CC bike has some issues and Bajaj is delaying its availability?
Otherwiese can someone help me understand as to why is Bajaj not making the bike available even afer 7 months of its unofficial/official launch in Pune? Why is Bajaj not making the bike available after launching an all-out ad campaign? Does anyone has any logical explanations?

Anonymous said...

The Bajaj 220 Dtsfi Bike Can Be Improved by integrating its Rear Indicaters in its Mask n by substituting the spoilers by indicaters in the similar design...
N by enlarging its fuel tank compareable to its mask...cz at this time the tank look like a cat in front of a lion...
waise its cool bt improvement is needed...here...
N then we can have a complete cool bike...