Jun 28, 2007

You think you have it bad? Manila Lid Uproar

There is an uproar within the motorcycle community here in Metro Manila. The reason? MMDA’s plan to require all riders to stick (or worse, paint!) their license plate numbers on both sides of their helmets.
Really, it doesn't get much more silly than this... read here


Rahul said...

"The MMDA chief recommended that the license plate sticker should be readable from a distance of 25 meters and should be placed 40 mm. high on the helmet."- taken from the original text! 25 metres? Did i see that right rearset?
I would thus suggest small 1' x 1'x 1' cubes atop the lids, backlit and the remaining front and rear sides could be used for adverts!!!
That way, it will fund some of the gas.. Am sure Durex would kill for that space... Awesome!
On second thoughts, insane.

first_synn said...

..At least they don't have morons protesting against the helmet law by wearing them and riding bicycles...

..Drop down at Kerala once in a while and you'll see exactly what 'm talkin 'bout.

Protests AGAINST safety. Only in India folks, only in India. (sic)

Rahul said...

@ first_synn
Yes dude, you bet... It crosses my mind now that you said it..
We are the biggest morons around. I mean have you ever heard of road test reports which say ".... and the horn on the bike is not loud enough! 4/10 on audio!"
India, oh india.. whatever happened to you.

theslayer said...

Atleast one post a day...please!

Anonymous said...

i don't see what the uproar is about, i'd gladly put my license plate number on my helmet if it came down to it. i case of accidents it makes it a whole lot easier to contact family members

i wore a helmet whilst riding a bicycle once. but that was because it was raining heavily.

rearset said...

I see your point. However, tell me how this works when I, for instance, have seven bikes to ride?

subhash said...

I thought Indian babus were the dumbest in the world – who think that by restricting transport vehicles to 60kmph and other vehicles to 80kmph the accident rates will come down drastically and our roads will be as safe as our homes. But this MMDA guy takes the cake.

Rearset: for your “7 for 7 problem”, a sliding slot will be built into the helmet where you can slide the no. plate of the vehicle you are driving :D

Anonymous said...

in that case, i think it would be easier and more sensible to put your lisence number on your helmet. but then, that would be like a moving target for the cops.

Rahul said...

I have a better solution.. Each helmet will be equipped with backlit bright lcd panels on each side to display numbers.. You can attach your helmet to the pc via USB and type in the current bike's regn. no!
And yes, you can have the number alternating with choice four letter words at the press of a button! So it says "MMDA Sucks!" all the time except when you are caught and have pressed the button! 8D